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11th-Nov-2007 03:33 pm - New Mood Theme!
Doggy =]
OMG! Just finished customizing every single mood in my custom moods ~! But now I'm finally done! Thanks heaps mochita-chan for the images! Nothing else to write about, exams are only a couple of days away >< oh noes...
4th-Nov-2007 10:26 am - Sunday 4 November
Doggy =]
Well, I finally got one of these livejournal accounts...I was browsing the net and came across it while looking for Tenimyu lyrics. I saw livejournal and thought  'A journal? And online too?? Sign me up!" So that's that story.

Wierd that I would actually have an account, I normally don't like these things very much, ask my friends I'm sure they'll agree.

Well, I'm just rambling on now...does anyone actually read this???

Well nothing else to say ne? I'll just shut up now
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