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First Day of School 
11th-Feb-2008 04:34 pm
Doggy =]
Well technically, school started on Friday but lessons started today so meh =D

It started off with a boring house assembly, basically just welcoming the Third Formers and naming the house captains.

First class was Maths, our teacher was absent so we had this reliever that taught us about whole numbers...nothing we didn't know really

Second was Science, we got Mr Tai, is he in Batten now? I always thought he was in Mansfield. All he did was tell us about how science is used in real life, I hope next lesson will be much more entertaining.

Third was Social Studies, Mr Fletcher told us our topics for the year, as boring as that may sound, the lesson was very interesting, Mr Fletcher always knows how to make these things interesting =D

Fourth was Japanese, we had a Hiragana test and a seating plan done, hopefully we will learn Katakana soon.

And lastly was Economics, I have Mr Ferris, he is so cool! =D  We were told which equipment to bring (which took strangely long) and after that, learned about scarcity, then we went home.

Well, first days are always about discussing what will be accomplished at the end of the year and sorting out stationery, lessons will be in full swing by the second lesson, so I have that to look forward to =D
11th-Feb-2008 10:21 am (UTC)
lol, first days are always random and o_O??

12th-Feb-2008 04:07 am (UTC)
Yea agreed! All the bell times are mucked up as well so we have no idea when the next classes are, grr... all the Third Formers fault :P
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