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16th-Jan-2009 10:33 pm - Friend locked journal
Doggy =]
Well, I've decided to friend lock my LJ since f-locked journals are becoming a common sight nowadays. So all entries after this are now friend locked =3

Feel free to comment me or whatever, I'll be more than happy to have a chat with ya =D
1st-Mar-2008 12:52 pm - Arck...school
Doggy =]
Excuse me for the crappy title, it's just that time of year again, school!

I'm a Year 10 now! Woo! One more year of having fun and mucking around and not having to worry about serious exams until next year XD

My brother came back from America last week! He bought me a Bleach figure XDXD thanks Nii-sama!!! XD

Well, apart from that, nothing interesting has happened, only I have a Chinese exam at my chinese class today at 3:45! Dx Aww man!!! So gonna fail! At least it's the weekend! Why do I have to go to chinese class? When I could be spending Saturday doing more interesting things Dx
11th-Feb-2008 04:34 pm - First Day of School
Doggy =]
Well technically, school started on Friday but lessons started today so meh =D

It started off with a boring house assembly, basically just welcoming the Third Formers and naming the house captains.

First class was Maths, our teacher was absent so we had this reliever that taught us about whole numbers...nothing we didn't know really

Second was Science, we got Mr Tai, is he in Batten now? I always thought he was in Mansfield. All he did was tell us about how science is used in real life, I hope next lesson will be much more entertaining.

Third was Social Studies, Mr Fletcher told us our topics for the year, as boring as that may sound, the lesson was very interesting, Mr Fletcher always knows how to make these things interesting =D

Fourth was Japanese, we had a Hiragana test and a seating plan done, hopefully we will learn Katakana soon.

And lastly was Economics, I have Mr Ferris, he is so cool! =D  We were told which equipment to bring (which took strangely long) and after that, learned about scarcity, then we went home.

Well, first days are always about discussing what will be accomplished at the end of the year and sorting out stationery, lessons will be in full swing by the second lesson, so I have that to look forward to =D
7th-Feb-2008 12:05 am - 7 February '08
Doggy =]
School is starting on Friday! :(  Thus my holidays have come to an end (excuse my pathetic whining, it's 12 midnight and I have nothing to do ;)

Mashima Hiro is just...wow! I really didn't see the whole 'Loki is a Stellar Spirit' thing in Fairy Tail at all! *is still shocked and cannot stop thinking about it*

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! This year's the Year of the Rat :D  (Ok, the 'This year is the Year of the Rat thing is just random, sorry ^^')

A new chappie of FT comes out tomorrow, can't wait! Mashima Hiro had better not leave us all in another cliffie!
29th-Jan-2008 12:00 am - January 29 '08
Doggy =]
Wow! Haven't updated my LJ in ages! So I thought it was a good time to start now, before school reopens :P

Nothing much has happened in my holidays thus far, it's been boring! I almost wish I was back in school, note the almost! I really didn't do anything worth mentioning; I met up with my friend from Intermediate so that's good :P

I am currently waiting rather impatiently for the new chapter of Fairy Tail to come out *glares at Mashima Hiro for making such a cliffie in the previous chapter*

Oh and by the way, if I haven't been commenting on your entries, I apologize! I just haven't been on LJ lately so I'm sorry for the lack of commenting ^^' , if I see an entry you've posted I will comment on it! ^_^
13th-Dec-2007 03:15 pm - School Holidays!
Doggy =]
It's finally the end of year school holidays! No school for 6 or so weeks! ^^ It's hard to believe that 2007 has gone by so quickly...

The last week of school has been rather...uneventful to say the least, let me recap for ya:

Monday: Practices for Christmas Assembly and after that just a normal school day, I gave out my Christmas Cards :D

Tuesday: Junior Prizegiving practice, then actual Prizegiving surprisingly I got Second Aggregate in my class and after that, we went home

Wednesday: Last day! Christmas Assembly, then Secret Santas and home

Boring? Heck yeah, Week highlight? None

Hopefully Year 10 will be more interesting, although Year 9 wasn't really that bad...just the same old routine every week...sigh

I have badminton with my friends tomorrow, then they're coming over to my house ^^ can't wait! :D Wish the day would go by faster...sighs
8th-Dec-2007 01:23 pm - Early Christmas Greeting! :D
Doggy =]
Yay! It's nearly the school holidays! ^^ Only 2 and a half more school days and holidays for 2 months! Woohoo!

I finally finished all my Christmas Cards, gonna give them on the last day of school I think...or maybe Monday...

Finally found a Secret Santa Pressie! Only took me about 2 weeks ><

Can't wait til my brother comes back from America, in about...2 and a half months? He's only been gone for about 1 week.

And an early Merry Christmas to everyone! :D
24th-Nov-2007 08:56 pm - None
Doggy =]
Anyone know where I can find the song downloads for the  Musical Tennis no Ohjisama Best Actor's Series 004 Saitou Takumi as Oshitari Yuushi & Aoyagi Ruito as Mukahi Gakuto? I've looked EVERYWHERE and I still can't find it...if only I didn't obsess this much over Tenimyu...

But seriously, anyone?
21st-Nov-2007 09:07 pm - Doujins!
Doggy =]
Right now, I'm seriously obsessed with Prince of Tennis Doujinshi. They're just so addicting and totally awesome! Kyaa~!

Exams are finally over and there are just 3 and a half weeks of school left before my favourite time of the year, Christmas holidays! Not that I like Christmas much, I mean not like I get anything for a holiday where a jolly fat guy in a red suit supposedly comes down your chimney and delivers presents... now that I look at it...we don't have a chimney...maybe if we got one, Santa would come visiting this year?

Seriously...what??? Santa?? Chimneys?? I need to get my thoughts straightened out ne?
14th-Nov-2007 06:29 pm - Exams!!!
Doggy =]
Oh no! It's that time of year again! Exam week >< why me??? At least the harder ones are over; Science and Social Studies, but we still have English and Maths.

Eeek!!! I'm so nervous! I hope I'll do well! ><
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